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Communication is a basic feature of human behavior and is fundamental to everyday life. Within the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Communication conducts research, teaches, and provides services to the University and to the community beyond.

The Department of Communication is committed to the contemporary study of human communication by bridging the humanities and social sciences. We have a long and proud heritage dating to 1891 when we were the Department of Elocution formed at the Arkansas Industrial University. Our name was changed to the Department of Communication in 1980.

Teaching and scholarship in the Department focuses on the study of factors and processes related to symbolic messages in interpersonal, public, and mass communication settings. As such, the contexts of friendships and families, business relationships and political systems, cultural interaction, and technological advances are important areas of study in communication.

In the mid 1990s, a panel of outside scholars reviewed this Department and determined that our program was "nationally recognized." They further noted that our Department's "major strength is its faculty whose credentials are superior. The scholarly productivity of the faculty is best described as prolific and exceptional. Scholarship authored by the faculty is of the highest quality, generally published in the discipline's most competitive journals." There are currently eleven Ph.D. faculty members in the department. Our faculty members have regularly won awards for their teaching, research, and advising.

If you are interested in the way people interact through the use of messages and symbols, you will find that the program in communication offers opportunities for scholarship and research. It’s a comprehensive program of study in three broad areas: (a) rhetoric and public communication; (b) interpersonal, small group, and organizational communication; and (c) mass communication.

American Communication Association Outstanding Professor Award - Dr. Steve Smith

ASG Outstanding Teacher Award - Dr. Stephen Smith

Distinguished Scholar - National Communication Association's Rhetoric and Communication Theory Division -- Dr. Thomas Frentz

Faculty Member of the Year by the Pan hellenic Council - Dr. Robert Brady

Fulbright College's Outstanding Advisor Award - Dr. Robert Brady

Fulbright College Master Researcher Award - Dr. Stephen Smith

Fulbright Master Teacher Award - Dr. Stephen Smith

Lambda Pi Eta National Award for Teaching Excellence - Dr. Stephen Smith

Master Researcher- J William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences - Dr. Thomas Frentz

Student Alumni Board Outstanding Teacher Award - Dr. Stephen Smith

Academic Exchange - Dr. Myria Allen

Advances in the History of Rhetoric - Dr. Lisa Corrigan

American Behavioral Scientist - Dr. Robert Wicks

American Communication Journal - Dr. Robert Brady, Dr. Stephen Smith

American Review of Public Administration - Dr. Myria Allen

Arkansas Historical Quarterly - Dr. Stephen Smith

Arkansas Law Review - Dr. Stephen Smith

Consultation: An  International Journal - Dr. Myria Allen

Communication Law Review - Dr. Myria Allen, Dr. Stephen Smith

Communication Monographs - Dr. Robert Brady

Communication  Quarterly - Dr. Myria Allen

Communication Studies - Dr. Patricia Amason, Dr. Myria Allen

Communication Reports - Dr. Myria Allen

Communication Research - Dr. Robert Wicks

Communication Yearbook 10 - Dr. Patricia Amason

Communication Yearbook 15 - Dr. Robert Wicks

The DATA  BASE for Advances in Information Systems - Dr. Myria Allen

Financial Counseling &  Planning - Dr. Myria Allen

Free Speech Yearbook - Dr. Frank Scheide, Dr. Stephen Smith

Health Communication - Dr. Patricia Amason

Information and  Management - Dr. Myria Allen

International Journal of Learning and Change - Dr. Myria Allen

Journal of Applied Communication Research - Dr. Patricia Amason, Dr. Myria Allen

Journal of Advertising Research - Dr. Robert Wicks

Journal of Broadcast and Electronic Media - Dr. Ron Warren, Dr. Robert Wicks

Journal of Business Communication - Dr. Robert Brady

Journal of Children and Media - Dr. Ron Warren

Journal of Communication - Dr. Ron Warren, Dr. Robert Wicks

Journal of Communication Inquiry - Dr. Stephen Smith

Journal of Communication Studies - Dr. Frank Scheide, Dr. Lynn Webb, Dr. Stephen Smith

Journal of Constructivist Psychology - Dr. Myria Allen

Journal of Family Communication -Dr. Ron Warren

Journal of Family and Economic Issues - Dr. Myria Allen

Journal of Language and Social Psychology - Dr. Robert Brady

Journal of Media and Religion - Dr. Robert Wicks

Journal of Popular Culture - Dr. Stephen Smith

Journal of Public Relations Research - Dr. Myria Allen

Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly - Dr. Rob Wicks, Dr. Ron Warren

Journalism Quarterly - Dr. Robert Wicks

Journalism Quarterly, Communication Monographs - Dr. Myria Allen

Journal of State Government - Dr. Stephen Smith

Journal of Thought - Dr. Patricia Amason

Management Communication Quarterly - Dr. Robert Brady, Dr. Myria Allen, Dr. Kasey Walker

Mass Communication Review - Dr. Robert Wicks

Mass Communication and Society - Dr. Ron Warren

Oregon Law Review - Dr. Stephen Smith

Quarterly Journal of Speech - Dr. Thomas Rosteck

Revista Iberoamericana de Communication - Dr. Robert Wicks

Sex Roles: A Journal of  Research - Dr. Myria Allen

Social Behavior and Personality - Dr. Robert Brady

Southern Cultures - Dr. Stephen Smith

The  Southern Communication Journal- Dr. Myria Allen, Dr. Thomas Rosteck

Studies in Popular Culture - Dr. Stephen Smith

The Velvet Light Trap Review of the Cinema - Dr. Frank Scheide

Western Journal of Communication - Dr. Robert Brady, Dr. Myria Allen, Dr. Thomas Rosteck

Women’s Studies in Communication - Dr. Myria Allen

At the Intersection: Cultural Studies and Rhetorical Studies - Dr. Thomas Rosteck

Chaplin: The Dictator and the Tramp- Dr. Frank Scheide, coeditor

Chaplin's Limelight and the Music Hall Tradition - Dr. Frank Scheide, coeditor

Clinton on Stump, State and Stage: The Rhetorical Road to the White House (1994); Preface to the Presidency: The Speeches of Bill Clinton, 1974-1992 - Dr. Steve Smith

Distance learning: A Guide to System Planning and Implementation - Dr. Ron Warren

Electronic Tribes - Dr. Steve Smith

Introductory Film Criticism: A Historical Perspective - Dr. Frank Scheide

Keetoowahs Come Home- PBS Documentary - Dr. Frank Scheide

Myth, Media and the Southern Mind- Dr. Steve Smith

Projecting the Shadow: The Cyborg Hero in American Film - Dr. Thomas Frentz

See It Now Confront McCarthyism: Television Documentary and the Politics of Representation- Dr. Thomas Rosteck

The Star Chamber - Dr. Stephen Smith

Trickster in Tweed: The Quest for Quality in a Faculty Life

Understanding Audiences- Dr. Robert Wicks

President of the American Communication Association - Dr. Stephen Smith

President of the Southern States Communication Association -Dr. Thomas Frentz

Arkansas House of Representatives - Dr. Stephen Smith

Arkansas House of Representatives -Lindsley Smith

Chief of Staff to the Attorney General - Dr. Stephen Smith

Executive Assistant to Governor Bill Clinton - Dr. Stephen Smith

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