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The Center for Communication Research (CCR) facilitates collaborative, interdisciplinary social research within the University of Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas region, and broader intellectual community. Toward this end, the CCR seeks to stimulate and support interdisciplinary collaborations; provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate participation; engage regional, state, and national funding agencies; and acquire and maintain the equipment necessary to support research endeavors. The CCR manages a research lab space that includes state-of-the-art technology for studying all facets of communication.

The associated research lab space is located in Kimpel #405 and #405A (1,347 square feet). The following hardware and software are available:

  • Perception analyzer equipment from DialSmith to gauge moment-to-moment audience responses to both prerecorded and live media content
  • SnapStream video server to simultaneously record multiple channels of television programming
  • Tobii Pro Spectrum eye tracker to measure both point of gaze and eye movement (1200 Hz)
  • Tobii Pro Nano portable eye trackers to measure both point of gaze and eye movement outside of the lab (60Hz)
  • BioPac products to collect heart rate, blood pressure, and electrodermal activity
  • Portable audio and video recording equipment
  • Dell laptop computers and desktop computers
  • Mangold Interact software to transcribe, annotate, interpret, and code texts
  • SONA Systems cloud-based participant management software

The following research projects were recently funded by the CCR.

  • Lindsey Aloia - The Influence of Instructor and Student Nonverbal Immediacy, Classroom Connectedness, and Perceived Self-Competence on Student Learning
  • Lisa Corrigan - Avidly Reads Consent
  • Fred Jennings - A Test of the Partisan Social Identity Hypothesis
  • Ringo Jones - Food Insecurity in Northwest Arkansas
  • Meredith Neville-Shepard - Post-Racial Dystopia: The Handmaid's Tale as an Allegory for White Feminism
  • Yaguang Zhu - Sending and Receiving Safety and Risk Messages in Hospitals: An Exploration into Healthcare Workers' Communication Overload during Infectious Disease Outbreaks

For more information, contact the Director of the CCR, Dr. Fred Jennings.

The CCR fully supports the Department of Communication faculty's and affiliate members' research agendas.


Fred Jennings

CCR Director

Dr. Fred Jennings
CCR Director
Department of Communication



  • Myria Allen
  • Lindsey Aloia
  • Trish Amason
  • Robert Brady
  • Margaret Butcher
  • Lisa Corrigan
  • Terrell Jake Dionne
  • Mengfei Guan
  • Joe Hatfield
  • Fred Jennings
  • Richard Jones
  • Meredith Neville-Shepard
  • Ryan Neville-Shepard
  • Frank Scheide
  • Stephanie Schulte
  • Matthew Spialek
  • Kasey Walker
  • Ron Warren
  • Robert Wicks
  • Yaguang Zhu
  • Stephen Dittmore
  • Brian Primack
  • Paige Daniel Dobbs
  • Matthew Ganio
  • Michelle Gray
  • Bart Hammig
  • Philip Massey
  • Abigail Carpenter Schmitt
  • Barcu Bayram
  • Patrick Conge
  • Andrew Dowdle
  • Valerie Hunt
  • Angie Maxwell
  • Bill Schreckhise
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Doug Behrend
  • Ana Bridges
  • Connie Lamm
  • Anastasia Makhanova
  • Lauren Quetsch
  • Jennifer Veilleux
  • Darya Zabelina
  • Justin Barnum
  • Kevin Fitzpatrick
  • Casey Harris
  • Shauna Morimoto
  • Shaun Thomas
  • Anna Zajicek
  • Stefani Byrd
  • Adam Hogan
  • Brandon Bouchillon
  • Ignatius Fosu
  • Rob Wells
  • Jan Wicks
  • Cary Franklin
  • Johanna Thomas
  • Valandra



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