Career Paths

Students with a degree in communication from the University of Arkansas have endless career opportunities. Explore some of the careers listed below, and talk to your academic advisor about career communities in Fulbright.

Careers relating to Film Studies focus on the production, distribution, interpretation, and criticism of motion pictures. After completing a degree in Film Studies, students may choose a career in education, film production, visual arts, broadcasting, advertising, public relations, writing, social media, and any vocation utilizing visual communication.
A degree in Communication with an emphasis in Interpersonal Communication opens the door to a wide variety of employment opportunities.  Communication graduates find jobs in the private, government, and non-profit sectors.  More specifically, students concentrating on the study of Interpersonal Communication are well suited for careers in areas such as account representation, career development, community affairs, counseling, customer relations, development and fundraising, education, event planning, human resources, instruction and design, insurance, internal communication management, labor recruitment, mediation, organizational training and development, real estate, retail, social service, student affairs, etc.
Mediated Communication is a strong choice for students who seek careers in a variety of fields, including media production work, writing and publishing, advertising, public relations, social media campaigns, media research, marketing and promotion, media and communication law, public advocacy, health communication, sales, and an array of related professional fields.
Training in Organizations and Communities can lead to a variety of possible career tracks in training & development, human resources, corporate relations, labor relations, government or public affairs, fundraising & development, media relations, event planning, editing & publishing, project management, public health, emergency management, research & communication analysis, public relations, and information management.
The emphasis area in Rhetoric and Public Communication is a strong choice for students looking to careers in public service, government, politics, and the law. This area can also lead students to careers in public/motivational speaking, writing, advertising, public relations, public advocacy, business, sales, international relations, education, and human resources.



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